Dietitians are experts in human nutrition and regulation of the diet. Nutrition counselling with a Registered Dietitian focuses on dietary intake, medical nutrition therapy, and lifestyle management. Dietitians are regulated healthcare professionals that are licensed to assess and treat nutrition diagnosisí with high quality, evidence-based nutrition interventions. Impact Healthcare's dietitian will work with you to help you feel empowered by your food choices, and to understand not just the specifics of what to eat, but also why and how we eat. Their advice and information provided is patient-centered and tailored to your personal needs.

What you will take away from working with our Registered Dietitian, Sydney Lougheed:

Knowledge: learn about how different foods affect all areas of health, label reading, specific information about nutrients as it relates to your needs and goals, and much more!

Skills: gain the skills needed to reach your goals including but not limited to meal prep, planning, balancing meals and snacks, grocery shopping, and mindfulness.

Confidence: become more confident about how to choose the foods that work best for you and your specific needs. You will learn how to confidently face roadblocks and overcome obstacles in order to make lifelong changes.

*Nutritional Counselling with a Registered Dietitian is covered by most insurance companies.

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