Lactation consultants are nursing professionals who help new moms in their efforts to breastfeed, and also provide prenatal education and preparation for expectant couples. Book your appointment with our certified lactation consultant today!

Typical appointments may involve:

Comprehensive birth and lactation history
Visual and physical breast assessment
Weight check and infant physical assessment
Observation of a complete feed
Detailed breast/chest feeding care plan

Feeding concerns could include:
- sore or damaged nipples
- slow weight gain
- low milk supply
- overactive let down
- breast pain
- fussy baby
- frequent spit up
- gassy baby
- late onset decreased milk supply
- induced lactation support
- weaning
- solid food introduction
- return to work
- pumping questions

This service may be covered under your "health spending account" if you have extended health coverage.

Impact Healthcare offers in-clinic, virtual or at-home visits from the comfort of your own home.

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