Impact Healthcare offers prenatal and postpartum rehabilitation and support for women. We can address various conditions stemming from pregnancy and childbirth. Many ailments can be recognized and/or prevented early in the postpartum period, but are often accepted as a normal part of becoming a mom. Start your path to feeling better today!

Women's Health Services at Impact Healthcare:

* Pre/post natal massage with one of our experienced Registered Massage Therapists

* Pelvic Health Physiotherapy with Kyla Hotham

* Chiropractic assessment/treatment with Dr. Ashley Barker who specializes in Women's Health (Rehabilitation, Diastasis Recti, Pelvic Health).

* Counselling/Psychotherapy for postpartum.

* Nutritional Counselling for prenatal, postpartum, pediatric, breastfeeding, gestational diabetes and/or weight loss/weight gain.

"The well-being of mothers is the fabric from which the cloth of our future society is made. "

-Dr. Oscar Serrallach

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