Joshua Carty, BSc H. Kin, MSc PT

Registered Physiotherapist

Josh is a registered physiotherapist with work experience focusing on sports rehab, acute and chronic pain.

In 2015, he graduated from Leeds Beckett University in England where he earned his Masters of Science in Physiotherapy. In Leeds, Josh was able to work in the NHS and experience a wide variety of physiotherapist roles including; acute and chronic pain, orthopaedics, stroke, cardiac disease and elderly populations.

In 2011, Josh earned his bachelor of science in Kinesiology degree at Western University. At Western, Josh took a special focus in athletic injuries and worked closely with the Men's Varsity Soccer team as a trainer and rehab specialist. He also gained experience working with sports medicine physicians and physiotherapists at the renowned Fowler Kennedy clinic in London.

At Impact Healthcare, Josh will do your assessment and design individualized treatment plans to get you back to your normal and pain free as efficiently as possible. He will use manual therapy, soft tissue mobilization, therapeutic exercises, stretching and modalities as part of your rehabilitation. Josh is also trained in acupuncture.